Steady as she goes, we’ll go to the mountains and the sea together–Welcome the 6th anniversary, set sail for a new journey!


In 6 years, we have gone from having only consumer products to having three product lines, data communications and automotive, running side by side;

   In 6 years, we’ve gone from a small team of 4 to a family of nearly 100;

   In 6 years, we moved from a compact office in Yuyao to an entire office building in Liangzhu, Hangzhou;

   In 6 years, we have gone from obscurity to the limelight;

  In 6 years, some partners have joined us, while others have moved on; we’ve faced difficulties and joys, none of which are in short supply.

Raysea is like a train, under the captain’s leadership, moving forward, confidently facing the seventh year.

On the 15th of September, a very ceremonial day, we gathered together to celebrate the Happy 6th Birthday of Raysea Technology!

Early in the morning, the welcome ceremony at the front lobby of the company opened the curtain of the anniversary celebration, “The heart is gathered together, it is the team”, “Youthfulness, together”, “Full power, the target will be reached”, “Your energy is beyond imagination” various hand-held signs representing the team spirit touched the heart of every small partner. The various hand-held signs representing the team spirit, “Your energy is beyond imagination”, touched the heart of every partner.

The two founders of the company, Dr.Liu and Dr.Li, shared with us the beginning of the venture and the journey along the way, taking everyone back to our vision, and firmly believed that we can achieve our goals step by step, down-to-earth. Seeing the wrinkles on Dr.Liu’s face and the grey hair on Dr.Li’s head, we had more empathy for the hardship of entrepreneurship.

The road is obstructed and long, and when it goes, it will arrive. When it goes, it will not stop, and the future is foreseeable.

Thank you to each and every one of you for sticking with it, believing in it, and running with it.

HR also shared with everyone the company’s values, milestones, staff activities over the years, and jointly wrote blessings for Raysea (the blessing card will be kept in a corner of the company as a souvenir).

In the joining time of different partners to share their own work in Raysea insights session, we caught the tears in the eyes of the lovely partners hope that the next 6 years, the company’s 12th anniversary celebration, we are all still together.

On this special day, we also built the company’s reading space together, so that we can have a slow time to sit quietly for a while and turn a few pages of a book after a busy day at work. With the development of the company, I believe that one day, the reading space will become a library.

Of course, cakes, milk tea, grilled chicken, skewers are also indispensable to this holiday, look at everyone eating with relish, satisfaction overflowing in the eyebrow, in Raysea work full of happiness.

After the event, we all stayed behind to quickly clean up the “messy” food scene, which is a detailed reflection of cohesion and responsibility, and the team spirit shone again.

There is an encounter, not on the road, but in the heart

There is an expectation, not in the eyes, but in the heart

There’s a kind of growing up that’s not about you alone, but about us together.

Six years.

You strive to blossom, I forge ahead.

We’ve been through thick and thin, never giving up.

We will continue to work together in the future

Live up to your love and go to the mountains and seas together

I’m thankful to have you along for the ride.

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